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Download the latest version from the command line (shell):

Using Yarn:

yarn add crossbrowdy

Using npm:

npm i crossbrowdy

Using pnpm:

pnpm i crossbrowdy

Using Bower:

bower install jalbam/crossbrowdy --save

Note: Yarn, npm, pnpm and Bower will also download the API documentation.

CDN Providers

Alternatively, instead of downloading CrossBrowdy, you can hotlink its main JavaScript file (which is called CrossBrowdy.js) by directly pointing to a version available online.

Thanks to the CDN providers, you will be able to always use the last up-to-date version or even to point to a specific version you may prefer.

Using jsDelivr:

Last version:

Specific vesion (example):

Using UNPKG:

Last version:

Last version through

Specific vesion (example):

Specific vesion (example) through

Using (not recommended):

Last version:

Have in mind that including the CrossBrowdy main file from a CDN provider should never be done for production. This hotlinking method can be useful just for testing purposes. Some features might not work properly using this way and availability cannot be always guaranteed.

Source code

The entire source code of the CrossBrowdy project can be found on GitHub:

Change Log

Read the file on GitHub.

Old versions

Click here to download old CrossBrowdy (formerly known as CrossBase) versions.