CrossBrowdy - Basic tutorial



Some options can be set before starting the CrossBrowdy framework (before calling the CB_init function). This is an example:

	//Sets desired options before starting (the ones not set will keep their default value):
		//Options for CrossBrowdy (general options):
			SHOW_SPLASH_SCREEN_DEFAULT: false, //Defines whether to show or not the loading splash screen. Default: true.
			CB_console_ALLOW_ALERTS: false //It will not use alert()'s as a fallback when using 'CB_console' and neither the 'console' object nor a DOM element with "CB_console" ID are found. Default: true.
		//Options for the CrossBase module (main module):
			SLCANVAS_LOAD: true //Forces to load SLCanvas.
	//Starts CrossBrowdy:
	CB_init(main); //It will call the "main" function when ready.

Note that some options belong to the CrossBrowdy framework and others belong to CrossBase which is its main module (base module). It is also possible to use the CB_NAME constant for "CrossBrowdy" and the CB_BASE_NAME constant for "CrossBase".

The options allowed are the same ones that support the CB_Configuration object.

Check the API documentation to read more about the CB_OPTIONS and CB_Configuration objects.

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