Namespace: WII

CB_Controllers_Proprietary. WII

Static class to manage the Nintendo Wii remotes (Wiimotes). It will return itself if it is tried to be instantiated. It uses wii-js. NOTE: This class is still under development.

To Do:
  • Find a way to know how to check when a button is released.
  • Update values of CB_Controllers_Proprietary.WII._wiimotes[x].UP, etc.
  • Do not forget x and y properties (?).


<static> getGamePads() → {Object}

Returns an object with all gamepads simulating the GamePad API.


Returns an object with the "remotes" property which contains another object whose properties are the index of each device and the value an object with the status of that device. The number of remotes is 4 (index from "0" to "3"). Simulating the GamePad API. Those status objects which are not using the real API will have a property called "usingPrototype" set to true.