Multimedia JavaScript framework

Open-source and free Any platform and client WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere) Simple and easy-to-use API Create new software or improve old one Features detection Fall-backs and polyfills For legacy, present and future Desktop and PWA compatibility Supports Apache Cordova and more Supports other frameworks and libraries

Create real cross-platform and hybrid game engines, games, emulators, multimedia libraries and apps.

Compatible with web browsers, desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices (phones, tablets), desktop and handheld video game consoles, TV sets and many others.


keyboard mouse pointer touch pressure gestures gamepads remote control (TV and others) sensors


geolocation orientation compass motion battery vibration light sensor proximity sensor


Fetch XHR (Ajax) XDR proxy REST WebSockets


client detection language detection native canvas detection CSS3 support detection PHP detection Node.js detection NW.js detection Electron detection Silverlight detection Flash detection redirections exiting the app


music FX filters synth music composition processing files sprites cache pool speakers


canvas viewport screens


modules JSON DOM elements arrays events data storage data compression base conversion template rendering lazy load collisions


speech recognition text to speech RTC webcam microphone video MIDI VR leap motion GraphQL databases many more
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